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Vacuum Pump and Blower Packages for Natural Gas Service

Natural Gas Vacuum BlowerVacuum Pump Systems and Blower Packages for Natural Gas Service

Guild Associates has provided a wide range of Molecular Gate systems to remove nitrogen and CO2 from natural gas.  The Molecular Gate systems regenerate under vacuum conditions and associated with the Molecular Gate units, Guild Associates packages vacuum pumps based upon liquid ring compressors. 

As an outgrowth of this experience, Guild Associates offers stand-alone vacuum pumps and blower packages.  Guild’s experience with vacuum and blower systems includes liquid ring pumps, rotary lobe blowers, rotary vane compressors and oil flooded screw compressors.  It is Guild’s experience

that the performance of the liquid ring pump offers reliability and operational benefits over alternate packages for many applications.

The NASH liquid ring pump is a state of the art design using a closed loop oil filtering, cooling and recirculation system.  No water is required for operation.

While the liquid ring pump is a reliable and forgiving system, Guilds field experience with the operation of these units indicates that certain design conditions are desired to increase reliability and ease of operation.  Included within the Guild packages are oil separators with high design pressures to permit safe operation without relying on large relief valves in the event of an over pressure situation. 

Liquid ring pumps seals and bearings can be affected by the carryover of solid particles such as rust and weld slag from upstream piping.  The large oil separators and its internal filters requires a substantial effort for replacement and the Guild design incorporates in-line oil filters that can be replaced without shutting down the vacuum pump. 

About Guild Associates
Guild Associates provides adsorption and catalyst systems to a variety of markets as well as shop fabricated engineered systems.  Guild is the licensee of the Molecular Gate® technology originally developed by Engelhard Corporation (now a part of the BASF Group) and has provided all systems to date. 

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If you would like an evaluation of how the Molecular Gate technology can solve your gas treatment needs simply complete and email back the Estimate Request Form or contact Paul Baker at 614-760-8013 or by email



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