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Upgrade Small Flows of Biogas to High Purity Methane with MicroGate

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MicroGate: Small Scale Biogas to CNG

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MicroGate - Upgrade Small Flows of Biogas to High Purity Methane

For over 10 years Guild Associates has been providing Molecular Gate systems to upgrade biogas and marginal gas for pipeline sales, or as CNG and LNG. With 35 commercial systems installed, we now offer a scaled down version of our larger plants for upgrading small flows of biogas to high purity methane. The “MicroGate” design features a self-contained system with the feed compression and gas purification equipment mounted on a skid ready for easy installation and deployment.

Advantages of the MicroGate are:
  • Inherent simplicity - single step removal of all impurities including water, CO2, siloxanes, and H2S
  • Regenerable media – no need for purchasing new adsorbent
  • Siloxanes removed to non-detectable ppb levels
  • Chlorine and fluorine compounds removed to non-detectable ppb levels
  • No chiller required for water removal
  • The dry system generates no waste other than condensed water from compression
The simplicity of operation targets small scale applications with minimal resources.
  • Automatic start-up and shutdown at a push of a button
  • Automatic product purity control


Guild Biogas Purification System

Guild is a licensee of Engelhard's Molecular Gate® Adsorbent Technology and
is solely responsible for all representations regarding the technology made herein.

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