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Proven Technology Rejects Nitrogen from Natural Gas in Western Kentucky

Molecular Gate Adsorption System in Western Kentucky

Molecular Gate™ Adsorption System Rejects Nitrogen from Natural Gas in Western Kentucky

A unique technology offered by Guild Associates, Inc. enables a Western Kentucky oil and gas producer to generate revenue from the sale of purified natural gas contaminated with nitrogen.

Endeavor Energy Resources, LP is using Molecular Gate™ adsorption system to remove nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas at its Western Kentucky facility, thereby enabling the gas to meet pipeline specifications. Endeavor Energy is treating natural gas produced from New Albany Shale and delivering the product stream to an interstate pipeline. 

By implementing the Molecular Gate technology at its site, Endeavor Energy upgrades the feed stream from 15% nitrogen to a pipeline specification of 4%.

"The system allows us to generate a revenue stream from the sale of gas that was otherwise useless because of the higher level of nitrogen present," said Brad Bates of Endeavor Energy's Western Kentucky operations. "We selected the Molecular Gate adsorption system due to its economical processing cost and easy operation." 

Adsorption System to Remove Nitrogen (N2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from Natural Gas

"Molecular Gate™ adsorbent is a truly novel material as it removes nitrogen and carbon dioxide in a single unattended step and provides high on-stream factors," said Michael Mitariten, Business Manager for Molecular Gate technology.  "We have two-dozen units underway and we see that it has gained wide market acceptance." 

The technology enables Endeavor Energy to treat one and a half million standard cubic feet per day (1.5 MM SCFD) of natural gas, and has been designed to allow easy expansion to a flow of 3 MM SCFD when required by future drilling.  The Endeavor Energy system treats wellhead gas and is powered by an on-site gas-driven generator that uses tail gas from the process as fuel. 

The Molecular Gate adsorption system at Endeavor Energy includes an integrated dehydration unit to remove water from the feed, while the system also simultaneously removes carbon dioxide with the nitrogen contained in the feed.  The process operates by adsorbing carbon dioxide and nitrogen at typically 100 psig while delivering methane with minimal loss of pressure thus minimizing compression requirements.

Elimination of Feed Pretreatment and Co-removal of Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen

The elimination of feed pretreatment and the co-removal of carbon dioxide and nitrogen are key benefits of the Molecular Gate process. The system typically recovers 90-95% of the methane as sales gas and the rejected carbon dioxide and nitrogen containing "tail gas" is normally used as fuel to power gas engines or other local uses. The process is offered as a complete packaged plant by Guild.

As of early 2007, two-dozen Molecular Gate projects are underway with the longest running system now operating for five years with excellent on-stream performance.  The technology is being used to upgrade a wide variety of contaminated natural gas feeds and removing impurities of nitrogen, or carbon dioxide, and combinations of both in a single unit. 

Flow rates handled to date range from 0.5 MMSCFD or smaller to 10 MMSCFD, with nitrogen concentrations as high as 40% reduced to pipeline specifications.  A major feature of the process is the ability to meet pipeline specifications regardless of the feed composition, a benefit as future wells of varying composition are brought online.

About Guild Associates

Guild Associates is the licensee of the Molecular Gate technology originally developed by Engelhard Corporation (now a part of the BASF Group) and has provided all systems to date.  Guild provides adsorption and catalyst systems to a variety of markets as well as shop fabricated engineered systems including Molecular Gate systems. 

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