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Natural Gas and Coal Bed Methane Dehydration Systems

Natural Gas & Coal Bed Methane
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Typical TSA SystemNatural Gas Dehydration

Before natural gas is permitted into the pipeline system water must be removed to typically    4- 7 lb / MM SCFD.  Guild Associates provides adsorption based TSA (temperature swing adsorption) systems for this application.  The systems operate by removing water vapor at available conditions and subsequently regenerate the adsorbent by heating to drive off the water.

Dehydration Systems Processing Steps

In the TSA based system natural gas enters the bed of adsorbent where water vapor is removed at feed pressure with sales gas produced by flowing through the bed of adsorbent. In the TSA based system the water is subsequently removed by heating the bed to 300 500 Deg F and the water released.

The Guild systems incorporate feed stream knock out drums, the valves and piping as well as the control system on a shop fabricated skid. The system is designed for the robust requirements of the natural gas market.

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