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The Molecular Gate® Effect

The ability to exclude methane from the adsorption sites leads to high methane recovery – if the adsorbent had a substantial affinity for methane the adsorbed methane would be subsequently lost during the adsorbent regeneration steps.

Another important point is that since N2 or CO2 are adsorbed, the system can achieve pipeline specification product regardless of the amount of impurity in the feed stream- After all if pipeline specification is not met a purification system is of little value.

Pore size Controlled to Exclude Methane

The Molecular Gate adsorbent is a new family of molecular sieves with an adjustable pore size. During the manufacturing process the pore size is set so that N2  and/or CO2 are removed from the contaminated feed stream while methane cannot enter the pore and flows through the fixed bed of adsorbent as sales gas at near feed pressure. This savings of pressure is a major advantage for the process. Since CO2 is an even smaller molecule it is easily removed.

Molecular Gate Technology Diagram

Process Flow

Typically 3 or 4 vessels filled with adsorbent are used. Contaminated feed flows upward while the adsorbent traps and removes the N2 and CO2 with product at pipeline specifications leaving the top of the vessel. A small recycle stream is sent back to the feed to improve the methane recovery to typically over 90%. When saturated with N2 and/or CO2 the adsorbent is regenerated by pulling a vacuum and applying a small methane purge.

Molecular Gate Effect Process Flow

Further Information:

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