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Molecular Gate®
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The Molecular Gate® Technology for CO2 Removal and Nitrogen Rejection

Molecular Gate™ Technology

Molecular Gate System to Remove CO2 and Reject Nitrogen
  • Based on proprietary adsorbents developed for size selective and other difficult separations
  • PSA process cycles are designed to maximize the yield of the product methane
  • Focused on Nitrogen and/or CO2 Removal from natural gas, from Coal beds/Coal Mines, Biogas, landfill gas, etc…
  • Offered as packaged systems by Guild Associates through an exclusive licensing of the technology by Engelhard Corporation
  • Two Dozen projects underway

Pore size Control to Exclude Methane

Pore Size Control to Exclude Methane Diagram

Pressure Swing Adsorption

• 1965 Normal/Paraffin separation
• 1965 Hydrogen purification
• 1970 Oxygen from air
• 1972 Helium purification (Liquid Grade)
• 1974 High purity methane from natural gas
• 1985 Ethylene recovery from reactor vents
• 1992 Equilibrium based N2/CH4 separation
• 1995 Environmental separations
• 2001 Molecular Gate - N2 rejection
• 2002 Molecular Gate - CO2 removal

Relative Adsorption N2 and CO2 and CH4

Relative Adsorption N2 and CO2 and CH4 Diagram

Flows In and Out

Flows In and Out Diagram

The Molecular Gate Adsorption System for Nitrogen Rejection & CO2 Removal

Molecular Gate Adsorption System Molecular Gate System Being Transported
Molecular Gate Adsorption System Being Delivered to a Facility Molecular Gate Adsorption System Installed at a New Facility

Processing Cost - Cents per MCF of Feed 13% N2 & 2% CO2

Feed Processing Cost Diagram

Target Applications - Nitrogen Rejection

Target Applications - Nitrogen Rejection

Processing Cost - Cents per MCF of Feed 8% CO2 Only

Feed Processing Cost - Cents per MCF of Feed 8% CO2 Only Diagram

Target Applications - CO2 Removal

Target Applications - CO2 Removal

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If you would like an evaluation of how the Molecular Gate technology can solve your gas treatment needs simply complete and email back the Estimate Request Form or contact Paul Baker at 614-760-8013 or by email


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Guild is a licensee of Engelhard's Molecular Gate® Adsorbent Technology and
is solely responsible for all representations regarding the technology made herein.

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