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Molecular Gate® Systems to Remove CO2 and Water for LNG Pre-treatment

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Molecular Gate™ Systems to Remove CO2 and Water for LNG Pre-treatment

Natural Gas Treatment Unit - LNG PretreatmentLNG is growing in applications for small scale stranded gas reserves, for peakshaver units for natural gas storage and for world scale production facilities. Prior to liquification CO2 and water must be removed to ppm levels and in some instances nitrogen removal is also desired.

Historical LNG Pretreatment

Historically, where the CO2 level is less than 1%, CO2 and water are removed using thermally regenerated adsorption units (TSA) using molecular sieve adsorbents. These historical systems are relatively large and complex due to the large quantity of adsorbent required to remove the CO2 and also require considerable heat input for regeneration.

Where natural gas CO2 levels exceed 1% it is common to use an amine system for bulk CO2 removal and then to follow the amine system with a TSA unit for residual CO2 removal and dehydration. Overall this is an expensive and complex processing train.

Molecular Gate Alternative

Molecular Gate systems are well proven for the removal of N2 or CO2 (or both) from contaminated natural gas and have been applied in over 30 systems to produce pipeline and LNG specification product. These systems are also offered as a simplified alternative to historical processes for the single step dehydration of natural gas along with the removal of any quantity of CO2 to 50 ppm or as required by the liquefier. PSA Based LNG Pre-treatment Diagram

In the Molecular Gate system CO2 and water are adsorbed at high pressure while the purified natural gas passes through theadsorbent bed at near feed pressure. The adsorbed CO2 and water is subsequently removed at low pressure and leave the system along with any un-recovered hydrocarbons for use as fuel.

The Molecular Gate system also co-removes any C4+ in the feed, which can be desirable for liquefier operation.

Adsorption systems for LNG pretreatment are appropriate for a wide range of flows from 0.5 MMSCFD to 20 MMSCFD, or more. System turndown is to zero flow and systems are noted for ease of operation, environmental friendliness with high reliability.

LNG Pre-treatment ChartNitrogen and CO2 Rejection

Where the targeted feed gas for the LNG plant contains high levels of nitrogen the Molecular Gate system can be used to remove both CO2 and nitrogen in asingle step. The Molecular Gate technology is noted for its ability to remove nitrogen to pipeline specifications (typically 3-5%) and LNG pretreatment using Molecular Gate for LNG would remove nitrogen to similar levels while also removing the CO2 to less than 50 PPM.

Technology Portfolio

Guild Associates provides adsorptionbased systems for dehydration, hydrocarbon dew point control, CARB specifications, N2 rejection and CO2 removal. Systems provided include both thermally regenerated systems (TSA) and pressure regenerated systems (PSA).

For higher levels of CO2 or for the need to improve the methane recovery to the LNG plant a two stage design can be incorporated. The first stage can be PSA or other bulk CO2 removal technology.

About Guild Associates

Guild Associates provides adsorption and catalyst systems to a variety of markets as well as shop fabricated engineered systems. Guild is the licensee of the Molecular GateÔ technology originally developed by Engelhard Corporation (now a part of the BASF Group) and has provided all systems to date.

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