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Landfill Gas Purification

Guild Associates is a leading provider of adsorption systems for the purification of natural gas and other gas streams.  This technology is built upon the Molecular Gate Adsorbent Technology and incorporates PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) systems for gas purification.

Guild has a half-dozen landfill gas to high BTU methane projects, including two projects that purify the landfill gas to produce LNG.  Guild’s scope of supply for such projects ranges from the supply of a Molecular Gate unit to reject residual carbon dioxide and nitrogen, to the supply of the full purification train including equipment for compression, sulfur removal, pretreatment, bulk carbon dioxide removal using membranes (or where required PSA technology) and Molecular Gate systems for nitrogen rejection. Where PSA is used the pretreatment is not required and water vapor, H2S, siloxanes, VOC’s and CO2 are removed in the “CO2 PSA” unit.

Landfill Gas Purification Chart

Use of nitrogen rejection in landfill gas purification eliminates the need for careful control of the landfill since controlling the introduction of nitrogen is no longer as great an issue.  This can provide benefits in easier landfill operations and better odor control.

The Guild equipment supply is for modular, shop fabricated equipment to allow straightforward field installation.  Flow rates handled by Guild to date range from 0.5 MM SCFD to 10 MM SCFD.  The systems are designed for easy operation and automatic product purity control which is a benefit given the nitrogen variations typically seen in raw landfill gas.

Guild Biogas Purification System
Guild Gas Purification System

Guild is a licensee of Engelhard's Molecular Gate® Adsorbent Technology and
is solely responsible for all representations regarding the technology made herein.

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