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An alternative to amines and membrane treating

Carbon Dioxide Removal SystemWith thousands of systems in operation, amine treating units are the well proven market solution for CO2 removal, and membrane unit acceptance continues to grow. To these historical routes the Molecular Gate system for CO2 removal is a new option for gas treating.

The Molecular Gate system fits in the gas treating spectrum where site specific drivers exist. These generally include the local use for relatively low quality fuel – since a portion of the feed hydrocarbons are lost with the rejected CO2 a use for this tail gas is a requirement. This requirement also pushes the technology to feeds with lower CO2 levels such that this tail gas is of high enough quality to be uses as fuel.

One example of production with high fuel demands is coal bed methane – where the need for feed compression leads to a home for the tail gas.

As compared to amine plus glycol systems the Molecular Gate system can have the advantages of removing water along with the CO2 thus saving the need for a separate dehydration unit. And unlike membranes the adsorbent is robust and with the prevention of liquid carryover does not degrade.

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