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Nitrogen Rejection & C02 Removal SPEC Plants

Nitrogen Rejection & CO2 Removal SPEC Plant Option

Since contaminated wells can rarely operate for extended periods without meeting pipeline specifications a standard plant design is offered to treat a nominal 0.5 MM SCFD for N2 purification or over 1 MM SCFD for CO2 removal. This "SPEC PLANT" can be purchased or rented and can allow for the determination of decline curves and production rates from representative wells prior to a larger drilling program. Easily installed the system can be relocated as needed.

Nitrogen Rejection & C02 Removal
SPEC Plant Information

Further Information:

If you would like an evaluation of how the Molecular Gate technology can solve your gas treatment needs simply complete and email back the Estimate Request Form or contact Paul Baker at 614-760-8013 or by email


Truck carrying a "Spec Plant" for nitrogen purification or carbon dioxide removal

Spec Plant for Nitrogen Purification or Carbon Dioxide Removal

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