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Digester Gas Purification for High BTU Pipeline Gas, CNG or LNG Uses

The Molecular Gate Technology offered by Guild Associates has been provided for over 35 projects with pipeline quality gas for pipeline, CNG and LNG produced.  Use of the technology for digester gas clean-up is growing in popularity with 7 plants provided.  Gas from digesters for dairy, wastewater and rendering plants have been upgraded.

Biogas Purification Process Technology

The technology offers the benefits of:
  • Single step removal of impurities
  • All media is regenerated no need for replacement
  • H2S completely removed from any level
  • Siloxanes removed to non-detect levels
  • Dehydration to CNG requirements and no separate dryer required
  • No chillers used
  • Dry system operation with no waste product other than condensed water from compression
The simplicity of operation is critical and operation simplicity includes:

  • Automatic start-up and shutdown at a push of a button
  • Automatic product purity control without operator attention
The process steps include feed compression and Molecular Gate PSA treatment.

Feed and sales gas compression (if required) can be provided by Guild.  Systems from 0.3 MM SCFD to 20 MM SCFD or larger are offered.

A Guild System for Digester Purification
A Guild System for Digester Purification

Guild is a licensee of Engelhard's Molecular Gate® Adsorbent Technology and
is solely responsible for all representations regarding the technology made herein.

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