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Guild Brazil Landfill Project

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Photo of Guild Associates, Inc. offers high quality and operator-friendly gas purification systems through the use of adsorption based-technologies and is the provider of Molecular Gate® systems licensed from Engelhard Corporation (now part of the BASF Group).  Guild engineers and fabricates modular plants at their facility near Columbus, Ohio that are used to remove N2 and/or CO2 from contaminated gas as well as systems used to remove heavy hydrocarbons for dew point control or for dehydration. Applications include natural gas, coal bed and coal mine methane, landfill gas and biogas.  Peripheral items such as compressors, installation design services and project participation are offered as options.

Since its commercialization in 2001 the Kirkpatrick Honor Award winning Molecular Gate technology has achieved rapid and growing market success with over two dozen projects underway.

Guild also offers adsorption based system for dew point control through the removal of heavy hydrocarbons and water, purification of natural Gas to meet CARB standards, TSA systems for dehydration and for a variety of gas cleanup applications such as CO2 removal from contaminated ethane.

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